New Approaches to Socially Engaged Creative Practice


Participatory creative practice has it’s roots in socially engaged art, this phenomena began to be recognised in the United States in the late 1960’s, primarily influence by the work of Alan Kaprow and also the incorporation of feminist educational theory within arts practice. An influential figure within this field was Charles Garoian, who explored both performance and pedagogy.

Quite often this work is referred to as “social practice”, and is now more formalised and integrated into art schools, and broadly used as a term by creative professionals. It simply means artists whose specialty includes working with society in a professional capacity.

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Maison de la Création – Cultural Centre based in North Brussels, BE

Iddac – Cultural Agency of the department of Gironde, based in Bordeaux, FR

Fracas –Musical organisation based in Bordeaux, FR

Lutherie Urbain – Music organisation based in Paris, FR

Ilcantinonearte Teatri – Community Theatre based in Montepulciano, IT

Salako kulturos Centras Cultural Centre based Zarasa, LU

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