Handmade Creative Thinking                              


This was our first EU project under the Leonardo da Vinci grants / Transfer of Innovation. This project ran from 2011 - 2013.

As the labour markets become more specialised and economies demand higher levels of skill, the ability to adapt and innovate is essential, especially in grassroots industries and sectors that contribute to the local economy.

The applied arts industries are economically and culturally important as they retain local, regional and national traditions whilst employing local primary materials and local labour. However this industry is currently facing a number of challenges due to labour market fluctuations, the lack of skilled workers and fierce competition.

The Handmade Creative Thinking (HCT) project responded to some of these challenges by providing a new method for thinking creatively which is tailor made for the needs of applied arts sector.

HCT was a trans national project, it is part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme (Transfer Of Innovation). It was developed in Italy the UK and Malta.

What is a Transfer of Innovation?

A Transfer of Innovation is taking a successful tool or methodology from one sector and moving into other sectors, across target groups and between countries.

In HCT we transfered The Capture System a unique educational method that increases creative thinking and created by Capture Arts. We adapted the existing tool and transfered the modified version into the creative industries sector in Malta, Italy and the UK.


You can download the HCT manual here.

We specifically targeted:

  1. VET tutors and students.

  2. Apprentices

  3. SME’s

  4. Creative professionalsgoogle.co.uk

How was the innovation transferred?

  1. Geographical: from UK to Italy (Bologna and Palermo) and Malta. Nonetheless, the new product will be also tested in UK.

  2. Sectorial: from the pre-primary educational sector to the craft field, including apprentices, workers of SMEs and VET learners.

  3. Intergenerational: from children to young people and adults from 16 to 65 years old.

The partners on the project

  1. CESIE (Italy)

  2. Capture Arts (UK)

  3. EuroMed Connect / The de Bono Foundation (Malta):

  4. Seneca (Italy)