Creative Thinking


Creative Thinking techniques are processes by which we focus attention, escape the confines of the current situation, keep the mind moving and generate connections. Fundamentally it is enabling a change in direction in your thinking and supporting the generation of new ideas.

Capture have worked in the field of Creative Thinking for over ten years. We deliver a range of workshops, seminars and training programmes that can enable organisations or individuals to explore and nurture their ability to generate ideas, solve problems and explore thinking as a skill that can be learned.

Capture undertook a 3 year research project in partnership with Greenwich Council, London in 2005. We explored and drilled down into why children have dramatic declines in their creative and thinking skills as they move through the UK education system. The result of this work was a new method of nurturing creativity and thinking in children and adults (The Capture System) An innovative approach that is easily transferred and crosses age and ability.

We also use Edward de Bono’s methods and are fully qualified de Bono practitioners, these tools totally revolutionised our organisation!


Capture and Creative Thinking

We are fully qualified Edward de Bono trainers for  6 Thinking Hats and Cort thinking tools. Capture have also created an innovative thinking tool, The Capture System, a hands on approach that is transferable across age, ability and working practices.

How do we think?

In the UK only 2% of adults over the age of 25 can think divergently, 98% of children under 6 can think divergently.. what went wrong?

Our education system, its not the best 21st century model and actively discourages ‘What if’ thinking.

What it can do for you..

Applying Creative thinking can be incredibly empowering.

It is important that we have the capacity to solve problems, generate ideas and innovative but within a collaborative framework. Creative Thinking tools can give us the methods to do this. They enable us to overcome challenges quickly and effectively

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