Youth in Action


We have worked in partnership with the Lewisham Young Mayors team on two YIA projects. One to establish micro enterprises with young people in Youth Clubs, the other explored the active engagement of young people in urban spaces and youth democracy.

We are in the process of applying for a new project in partnership with Croatia and Bordeaux that focuses on place-making and connecting with urban spaces in a creative way.

Here is the link to see the Young Mayors projects in Lewisham

For example..

Peoples Agency (click for more info)


The Young Mayors Team, young people from Lewisham and Capture worked on a Youth in Action Project called 'Demosmakerz'. The project looked at what young people think about politics and how it relates to them and their borough, in particular the politics that surround urban spaces.  The project was initiated by a cultural group called Factotum from Nantes in France, the other partners came from Vilinus in Lithuania and Berlin in Germany. 

The group took photographs of the local area and thought about how different ways these spaces or objects relate to politics. 

website for the project

The group also made a video of interviews with young people in the borough about politics. 


Youth democracy and social enterprise projects