About us..


Capture Projects is a not for profit organisation working in arts and education established in 2004. We are a collective of artists and educators and our current team have been working professionally in lifelong learning, culture, education, group training and consultancy for over twenty years. We are experienced in social research, project development, creative and business skills training and the effective delivery of creative education and community projects. Capture’s core team are creative thinking experts, who have in total over 20 years experience of effective project development, deliver of workshops and training.

We are accredited Edward de Bono practitioners and we use a variety of thinking tools, effective methods of organising ones thinking and generating ideas, in the development of our projects and training programmes. Capture projects aim to encourage and increase confidence in Creative Thinking, essential for ideas generation, innovation and problem solving.

Capture have worked extensively with the local community and have developed a wide variety of projects and methodologies to actively engage and encourage participants to develop thinking and problem solving skills but using creative activities as a starting point.


What we do

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