Workshops and Training / de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats


The training is accessible, hands on, innovative and interactive. It includes games, challenges, team work and hands on activities.

The maximum number is 16 for this training, and information can be shared and passed on to other colleagues. After doing the training all participants have the opportunity to join a free ‘thinking club’ on line which gives them more opportunities to test out and apply the tools.

Capture have also worked with members of the de Bono foundation in Malta on a recent EU project, (Hand Made Creative Thinking) they said that our work around innovation and the 6 Hats was “ some of the most interesting uses of the technique they had seen for 25 years”

Who have we trained?

Merton Council, Lewisham Council, Greenwich Council, Westminster Council, Bordeaux Council, iddac, Maison de la creation, Deptford Lounge, over 160 teachers, head teachers and early years practitioners, artists and individuals, university professors and students..


What is it?

How does it work?

What is is for?

Who can use it?

What are the benefits?

  1. Increased capacity to generate ideas   and solve problems

  2. Develops a collaborative framework for working as a team

  3. Removes ego from meetings

  4. Allows a designated and deliberate space in the thinking process for new ideas

  5. Is simple to use and can be played like a game

  6. Is a 21st century model for thinking

  7. Is powerful and effective

How long is the training?

Sample agenda for training:

See this video of one of our clients from Bordeaux and how they changed their ways of working after our training workshops!

Here is an interview from Capture Arts  about Creative Thinking